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 In your honest opinion, what is the worst Sonic game to ever exist?

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PostSubject: In your honest opinion, what is the worst Sonic game to ever exist?   Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:28 pm

According to my opinion, the top-5 worst Sonic Games for me would be:

5.) Sonic Drift: WORST FUCKING RIP-OFF OF MARIO KART EVER! That's right! bBoken fucking controls, along with plain graphics, and ear-raping music along with the fact that Sonic, Tails, Amy and Eggman race in go-karts. Yup, people this makes games like Sonic R look like a fucking masterpiece and fucking remake of Titanic

4.) Sonic Drift 2: Sequel to Sonic Drift exceptthe graphics are SLIGHTY better and that you can choose three characters to race. Other than that, the game is worse than the original.

3.) Sonic Labyrinth: Rivaling Sonic Spinball as the worse Game Gear game to exist for a Sonic game, Sonic walk slow because of one of the worse story lines if not the worst plotline of Sonic game. Robotnik (Eggman) steals Sonic's speed shoes and replace them with slow down boots, and in order for Sonic to jump and run fast, he needs the power of the fucking chaos emeralds. Anyway, besides the hilariously bad storyline, the game has very clunky/awkward controls, Sonic walks fucking slow which is very inappropriate for any Sonic game, and the spindash is very broken. The graphics are mediocre because we have bland, colorless graphics in a isometric world like Deadly Towers for the NES. The music is generic; however, the worse part about the game is the endings. The good and bad endings are the same goddamn thing except with a pallet color change and that's it.

2.) Sonic Spinball (Game Gear): Tops Sonic Labyrinth on Worst Sonic Games list because the game's fucked up a pretty good game for the Genesis. The game is very glitchy, has broken controls which are glitched out, and beyond that, the bosses are piss easy as they only take 5 hits to kill at the most whereas the Genesis it takes 8 hits to kill a boss. Music is the worst for any Sonic Game Gear game as it's ear-rape central. Graphics are okay. Worse part about hte game is the ending. The ending is worse than Sonic 06 ending when defeating the Sonic Story mode. You scroll through 8 minutes of slow-ass credits and the end of the credits the game orders you to go to sleep. WTF!!

1.) Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis: Worse Port of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Genesis. This GBA port is a glitched out mess. The controls are glitched out, the cheap hits are worse than in the original Genesis game, evne the Robotnik boss battles are so glitched out that they are too easy. Music sounds like shit as we hear a crappy-ass low quality midi of the original themes of the Sega Genesis port. Screen is cropped down by half where you can't see the fucking enemies. The best part of the fucking ending. If you manage to get the good ending in the game, the chaos emeralds don't do shit except disappear. In the Genesis version, the chaos emeralds bring life to Green Hill Zone. Worse Sonic Game EVA!!
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PostSubject: Re: In your honest opinion, what is the worst Sonic game to ever exist?   Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:35 pm

Sonic Heroes, bleh.
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In your honest opinion, what is the worst Sonic game to ever exist?
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